Back in the days before live-­tweeting, the only way to express your thoughts while watching a movie was to yell them out loud to the delight of your friends, and the disgust of the old people two rows in front of you.  

Wyatt Cenac and Donwill invite you to join them as they recreate the magic of Magic Johnson theaters and guide you through the wonderful world of blaxploitaton and black cult cinema. 

Every month, Wyatt and Donwill head to the Alamo Drafthouse to screen a fine film specimen from yesteryear, egging you on from the peanut gallery as the non-­‐foam Statler and Waldorf. Each screening starts with a presentation of obscure trivia and the fun continues with drinking games throughout the film.

Shouting at the Screen is produced by Selah, another Brooklyn based filmmaker who takes way too much pride in yelling at movies.


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
445 Albee Square West
Brooklyn, NY 11201